Where have I been?

Hi everybody! Miss me? Hehe… Ok this post is going to be pretty short. Where have I been?
1. I’ve been super duper busy with work! (the usual excuse :p)
2. I’ve been busy decluttering my wardrobe and my room! Bought some new furniture for my room and clothing and some other stuffs! ;) (this is definitely a good excuse to shop more. hehe…)
3. I’ve been busy attending wedding invitations here and there every weekend! (another good excuse to shop for baju2 macam artis. hehe…)
4. I’ve been busy window shopping! (it’s Y.E.S people!!! let’s shop! hehe…)
5. I’ve been thinking to stop blogging since I don’t think I have the right time anymore… (or is it due to the fact that I juz realized that my boss also reads my blog? ahaha! errr… hi boss! *hands waving at boss* - if you are reading this… hehe…)

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