life as we know it

I'm just an average girl who wakes up every morning finding herself alone on the bed. if you choose the right ones, congratulations. but what if you tend to make bad choices in life? you can't turn back time. pretending to be strong is what we always do. it is not easy to accept all of the consequences, no? and right at this moment I'm trying to decide which path to take. should I fulfill someone else's dream? or take the risks to fulfill mine? anyhow we consider ourselves as refugees sometimes. we say goodbye to reality and hello to fantasy. facebook is a fantasy I should say. some of us have hundreds or even thousands of friends on facebook. but in reality, do we really have that many? I once heard a man said, the more friends we have on social networks, the less we have in real life. is that true?we need at least one person to support us. either your bestfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother - you name it. but that special someone always know the right thing to say. even those little words can have big meaning in the most positive way.. I love you - quite possibly the greatest statement of all. the only thing that beats saying the words I love you is showing love through action.. I miss you - it means so much to know that we are missed during our absence.. You are beautiful - sometimes when we feel ugly inside or out, it means the world to hear that someone else still thinks we’re beautiful.. Thank you - every single one of us longs to feel appreciated, words of gratitude can make the heart sing.. I support you - statement like this encourages us to move forward with less fear of judgment.

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