The Heart of the Ocean…

Helluuu!!! II cant recall how many times have I watched it… yet I still cry! :p This is my favourite movie! ;) Tengok banyak kali sampai dialogue sume dah hafal pun still nangis… I wonder why… sangat menyentuh hati… :p
I love this part… the view of the sun sets is amazing! Macam nak senja macam tu kan… ;)
And the above is the part of the movie that I will cry WITHOUT FAIL! Ahaha! :p
Owait, I should go to bed now since esok nak kene bangun awal. Ingat esok holiday ke tido lambat2 ni? Aiyoooo. :p Btw, I love Kate Winslet… her acting is just so natural… ;) lovelies and have a good day ! ;)

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