For You,

Sometimes you wish for happiness, but pain is what you get.
Sometimes when you want to find the truth, you discover lies.
Sometimes you wait for the good things to come, but bad things will come along.
Sometimes people you love will leave you behind.
Sometimes you decide to leave them for good.
Sometimes you sit in one corner and cry, because you regret what you did.
Sometimes you hope there will be a light after a storm.
And causes brightness that lasts for miles.
The moments of joy will eventually come one day, and you hope that day arrives soon.
So that you can move on easily, and not just holding back the tears.
You wait patiently for the wind to blow, with new hopes it throws.
Some of you may understand this, some of you dont.
But the writer's eyes are full of tears now, trying so hard to avoid breaking innocent hearts.
She wonders why do all good things come to an end?
Travelling is what she does, living this way she is less stressed.
She missed the real moment of life.
Either crying on the past or musing over the unknown future.
But now the writer knows.
Living in the present, is what she needs to learn.
with love,

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