I will never fit in that!

I almost forgot that I own a blog and that it’s my duty to update it every now and then. I always search for the right time to update this blog of mine, which has been left unattended for sooooooo long! ;( My last post was when? February? Might as well I just ‘tutup kedai‘ rite? :p Guess I will only update it as and when I feel like doing so… or maybe the right word would be as and when I’ve the right time? Hehe… Hmm, dun even know if I still have my loyal readers though… never mind… :p Oh well, my life hasn’t changed that much. It’s just that I’m in the midst of controlling what I eat and drink. I dun want to say that ‘diet‘ word as it sounds soooooo irritating and frustrating! At least for me… Hehe… I’ve been controlling what I eat and drink since… I can’t recall… maybe April dis year? And so far I just lost 2-3kgs… It’s a bit frustrating as I expected to lose more! Ahaha! Guess it’s quite hard for me to lose weight as I just cant resist rice! Ahaha! Now why, all of a sudden, do I control myself? It’s simple… I’m going to reach 30 anytime soon and I understand that it’s at that age, that u will hit the-turning-old milestone which as a result, it’s easier for u to get all sorts of health complications i.e diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, breast cancer, just to name a few… and this, somehow scares me… Well that doesn’t mean that u can eat anything in the world before turning 30! Hehe… And that also doesn’t mean u won’t have any health complication before 30… On top of that, I also understand that it’s a bit difficult if u wanna lose weight after u reach 30 (I may be wrong as I’ve yet to do my research on this :p). Hence, I want to lose weight and be skinny healthy! I’d like to maintain weight only when I achieve my desired weight… (tapi mcm xbole je nak achieve my ideal weight tu) This doesn’t sound right but sometimes I want to be as skinny as possible so that I can fit in that dVb Victoria Beckham jeans! Ahaha! I will never fit in that!!! *screaming at the top of my lungs* Oh well, it seems that this post is full of emotions and spirits!!! Hehe… I think everyone may get his/her desired look if you have the passion to do so and if u r committed in doing so. Disciplinary is very important, otherwise u will end up buying urself a pack of nasi lemak with ayam berempah and telur mata. (I’m referring to me of course…) Ahaha! :p Oh yes, on a separate note, reaching 30 also means that u should at least own a property, a house to be exact. It doesn’t have to be ur ‘dream house’… a simple house is more than ok. But do I own one? NO!!! ;(( This is frustrating… I should stop spending on bags. No wait, maybe I should have separate tabung for bags and my house… Hehe… and tabung for a rainy day? U’ll never know what’s gonna happen rite… *sigh loudly* Thinking of this is frustrating, let alone the amount that I have to save for it. *biting my nails* Or maybe… just maybe… I should have a side income? Hehe…

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